Online treatment is similar to visiting a doctor; the only difference is you consult a physician virtually and not in person. Classic online homeopathic consultation works very well for chronic cases and acute non-emergency cases. In case of emergency cases you must visit a local physician and after you have stabilized, homeopathic remedies can help you recover faster and avoid further complications in future.

Online homeopathic consultation primarily involves registration process and filling up of the Case History Form with details about your sufferings and other questions asked. Photos of the affected parts and video recording of the patient will be send by e-mail to additional help for better understanding of the patient. If you desire to talk to the physician, you can call up at the contact number during working hours or can chat online with the physician.

If we need any more specific information for case analysis, we will send you an e-mail. In case we need to advise you to get some investigations done, you will also be informed of the same. When we have all the needed information to select the correct medicine for you, we will inform you by e-mail.

Follow up: Regular follow up is essential for faster recovery without interruption. For follow up you have to visit our website. You have to give in the details, whether your complaints are better, same or worse than before. If you have any other queries, you may also put forward the same.


Text (Email)
Rs 250/-
         Call (Telephone)
Rs 250/-  
          Video Chat (Skype)
Rs 300/-