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Dr. Pankaj Painyuli, B.H.M.S. & M.D

About Me

Dr. Pankaj is one of the best homeopathy doctors in India having an in-depth experience of 8+ years working with one of the biggest brands such as Dr. Batra and Richfeel. Dr. Pankaj firmly believes that homeopathy doctor in India is that the most trusted natural sort of medicine that till date is being employed by innumerable people worldwide. Homeopathy doctor in India works on the target that “the body can cure itself,” and with this particular idea, Dr. Pankaj Painyuli Homeopathy doctor in India, an eminent homeopath doctor in India, have started this homeopathic clinic in India.

We come to the fore with a holistic approach to treat patients with personalized Constitutional Homeopathic doctor in India that serves to be much better than the traditional treatments

My interest in homeopathy first arose from a mix of affection of philosophy with the striving for spiritual evolution on a private and global level.

Successful homeopathic treatment penetrates the core of one’s being, releasing the spiritual block that’s the stem on which disease grows. Freedom from disease within the homeopathic sense not only alleviates suffering, but within the process, contributes to emotional maturation and to freedom to pursue the best goals of our existence.

Homeopathy is way over an adjunct or substitute for medical intervention: it’s a robust tool for spiritual development, and in and of itself it can help overcome many illnesses that can’t be addressed by conventional means because they represent spiritual challenges. My goal is to treat the patients using the healing power and effectiveness of homeopathy. And increase the usage of the system of healing, Homeopathy.

Homeopathy is the mode of treatment applied when the body is unable to bring back its equilibrium condition. We through Homoeopathy set this equilibrium good to attain harmonious parameters. With a subtle dose of dynamic homeopathic remedies, a permanent cure can be achieved when the root cause is treated.

Welcome to what’s probably a very new experience for you. Homeopathy is unlike anything you’ve got seen or tried before.
We come to the fore with a holistic approach to treat patients with personalized Constitutional Homeopathic doctor in India that serves to be much better than the traditional treatments.

Homeopathy may be a therapeutic method that works by employing a small dose of a natural substance to assist in stimulating the body’s healing forces against the disease agents.

Our Services

Mission,Vision and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach the zenith of excellence and compassion in our service to one one’s who are suffering and become one of the best health care provider, curing even the diseases once considered incurable, through the art of healing, Homeopathy, founded by Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann. With a mission in bringing permanent cure and restoring ones health and providing thorough assessment of one’s physique and preventing further complication in the patient’s health our team of doctors work hard to help the sick. 

Our Values

Ensuring quality treatment to our patient. Care and compassion towards the patient. A dedicated sense of integrity in our diagnostic and treatment processes. Ensuring patient data confidentiality. Honest, fair and transparent communication. Approachability and willingness to guide the patient.

Our Vision

We aim to offer holistic health solutions in order to support the overall well-being of patients who opt for homeopathy treatment. We believe in elevating the art of healing to a level of excellence with quality medication. We aim at making quality homeopathic treatment available to each and every person, irrespective of their geographical and linguistic barriers.

Our Approach

We Have Different Services and We are going to serve our Best Services to our Patient.

Our clinic follows the classical homeopathy approach. We approach the individual not just to treat a particular disease symptoms but the individual as whole. We assure to alleviate your sufferings provided you give us an accurate and honest history

We envisage creating a temple of healing, where that each one who walks into the opposite song is given the most effective possible homoeopathic care and treatment. At the identical time, care is taken to confirm an experience of well-being. apart from enabling someone become disease-free, the thought is to determine the transformation of excellent health and happiness at the foundation level.

The clinic features a unique patient-care system, where a team of doctors constantly monitor the progress and well-being of patients.

Every case in the clinic is periodically discussed and assessed, we are equipped with state of the art technology and infrastructure. Our clinic is a centre for holistic patient care and we include allied therapies like yoga, meditation approach, physiotherapy, counselling and diet and nutrition prescription as per the patient’s requirement.