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Skin problems known as skin diseases can harm your skin.

Skin Disease

Skin problems known as skin diseases can harm your skin. Rashes, inflammation, itching, and other skin changes can be brought on by these illnesses. While some skin diseases may be hereditary, others may be brought on by a person’s lifestyle. Treatment options for skin conditions may include pills, lotions, ointments, or lifestyle modifications.

What are the most common types of skin diseases?

Minor skin conditions do exist. Some people have severe symptoms. Among the most prevalent skin conditions are:

  1. Acne, clogged skin pores that let germs, dead skin, and oil accumulate in your pores.
  2. Alopecia areata, which causes patchy hair loss.
  3. Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is characterised by dry, itchy skin that becomes swollen, cracked, or scaly.
  4. Psoriasis causes scaly skin that may become heated or swollen.
  5. Periodic diminished blood flow to your fingers, toes, or other body parts is known as the Raynaud’s phenomenon and can result in numbness or a change in skin tone.
  6. Rosacea typically manifests as pimples on the face, flushed skin, and thick skin.
    Uncontrolled proliferation of aberrant skin cells is skin cancer.
  7. Skin areas with vitiligo lose their pigment.

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