Some Tips For Hair fall

Home Care
1.Milk, Almands, Palak, Paneer, Zucchini2/3rd ,Palak1/3rd Any Two Daily.
2. Kabuli Chana, Bajri Any one Weekly
3. Pear, Tomato, Papaya Any one Daily.
4. Chinese cabbage, soyabeen, Any one Daily.
5. Green Tea Daily (2-3)
6. Flex Seed, Walnut Daily
7. 12-14 Glasses of Water Everyday
8. 2 Dates and fig with Milk, Jaggery
9. De-stressing Activity 1.-15 min. Daily
10.Avoid hard water (sprinkle lime in bucket full of water and use that for head

1. Avoid Udad Dal, Red meat, Red wine, somking.
2. Avoid Nonveg totally
3. Do Not keep your hair wet.
4. Do Not comb or brush hair when wet.
5. Do Not use Hot oil/ Water on scalp.
Test Advice
1. Hormonal
2. Free testostrone
4. FSH
5. LH
6. Prolactine
7. Serum ferritine
8. Iran profile
9. Hb profile
10. T3, T4, TSH

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